Why Us

The Little Things We Do Make a BIG DIFFERENCE in Dog Waste Management!!

  • The Poop Scouts are always Dependable & Affordable, “Scouts Honor!!”
  • No contracts. Ever!!
  • Each visit is guaranteed.
  • We give a FREE Sac of Scout Snacks with each visit!! Cool!!
  • Pay online or the old fashioned way with a check or cash. We give big discounts, if you deserve them! See below.
  • We’ll give you 4 weeks of FREE SERVICE if you send us just 4 new customers.
  • We use the BEST, All-Season Waste Removal System available. We know, we invented it!!


The Poop Scouts would like to say “Thank You” for your service!

Military & Veteran (spouses too!) -10%
Police & Fire Department – 10%
Senior or Disabled – 10%
Teachers & Nurses – 10%
Auto Workers, UAW, Self Employed – $2 off per billing cycle

5% off to anyone that can convince us they deserve it!

Coming Soon!

Soon customers will be able to choose between taking their discount for themselves or donating it to one of the charities listed below.

  • Marine Corps Scholarship Fund
  • Michigan Humane Society

Oh yeah!! We also pledge to support Local & Independently Owned Businesses whenever possible.