Why Us

The Little Things We Do Make a BIG DIFFERENCE in Dog Waste Management!!

  • The Poop Scouts are always Dependable & Affordable, “Scouts Honor!!”
  • No contracts. Ever!!
  • Each visit is guaranteed.
  • We give a FREE Sac of Scout Snacks! Cool!!
  • Pay online or the old fashioned way with a check or cash. We give big discounts, if you deserve them! See below.
  • We’ll give you 4 weeks of FREE SERVICE if you send us just 4 new customers.
  • We use the BEST, All-Season Waste Removal System available. We know, we invented it!!


The Poop Scouts would like to say “Thank You” for your service!

Military & Veteran (spouses too!) -10%
Police & Fire Department – 10%
Senior – 10%
Teachers – 10%
Nurses – 10%

5% off to anyone that can convince us they deserve it!

Oh yeah!! We also pledge to support Local & Independently Owned Businesses whenever possible.